Chigiri-e is washi.


Chigiri-e does not only define as an art that uses washi as a material. It is about destroying a perfect washi and re-creating a new one.


Making chigiri-e is an act of appealing Japanese washi paper to the world through my own art.


Using mainly hand-made Tosa Tengujo papers, the majority of my works are monochromatic. This is to fully express the natural exquisiteness of the paper.


The special features of the Tosa Tengujo paper have become the means of expression. The uniquely long fiber is used to express animal fur, and the striking thinness of the paper allows the expression of gradations.


Works with sense of life are thus born.


1985  Born in Kochi city, Kochi prefecture, Japan.


Began chigiri-e art from 2011. Using mainly the Tosa Tengujo paper from Kochi, Yamanaka’s beautiful and unparalleled chigiri-e works bring out the paper’s exceptionally supple and tough qualities.


As a chigiri-e teacher, Yamanaka has given chigiri-e classes around Japan and overseas.


To teach children the joy of playing with Japanese washi paper, Yamanaka has given Tosa Washi classes at local elementary schools with Tosa Tengujo paper craftsman, Hironao Hamada.