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Collage (Chigiri-e) Artist

aki Yamanaka was born in Kochi Japan in 1985. His Collage(Chigiri-e: Chigiri means

to tear, e means picture in Japanese) work was inspired by the meeting with a Hand-made


Japanese paper, Tosa Tengujo paper craft man.




aki worked hard to invent and develop his original technics of making amazing piece of


art. As the result of his devotion, his work was not only tear the paper but also dissemble


the Tengujo Paper into fibers. The decomposition makes his work so elaborate


workmanship, and the work so special.





1985 Born in Kochi Japan


Currently lives in Kochi


1985年 高知県高知市生まれ、同地在住。


2011 Start Collage(Chigiri-e) work


2011年 ちぎり絵を開始する


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